April 12, 2008

Solo Album put on hold thanks to the Record Company

FUCK OFFShirley Manson has been speaking to the Daily Record in Scotland. It would seem that her debut album has been put on hold thanks to the blundering idiots in charge at her record label.

The men in suits who would rather whore the likes of the next Brittney Spears have decided that Shirley’s music is too dark for today’s pathetic market of music that we sadly live in today.

I think I can say that I speak for the millions of Garbage / Shirley Manson Fans around the world who feel that they should grow some fucking balls and let Shirley do her own thing.

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The entire Interview with the Daily record can be read below.

SHIRLEY Manson has admitted her debut solo album has been put on hold after her record label described her music as “noir”.

The Scots singer played her new material to bigwigs at Warner Bros records but says she has come to an “impasse” with the label, because she has “no interest in making silly pop music”, or wearing “a silly sexy outfit”.

It was hoped the former Garbage singer would release her new material this year but she is adamant her new tracks will represent her as an individual and not as a “corporate template”.

She said: “I’ve been working on solo material but I don’t actually have anything coming out, although I’m working on it. Unfortunately, I’m at a bit of an impasse with my record label.

“I played some of the stuff to them not long ago and they described it as being very noir. At the time, I took the comment as being a huge compliment. That they liked the intensity of my material. But then I realised it wasn’t intended as a compliment.

“But I’m 41 – I’m a woman not a kid. I have no interest in making silly pop music and I don’t want to wear a silly sexy outfit and sell myself short.

“I’m sure it will all get sorted out in the end. But I do think record companies, in general, have different ideas about how they promote women.

“In the end, it is down to each and every woman to fight to be treated as an individual. I just want to be who I am.”

The Edinburgh-born star is a big fan of the new band of feisty female artists.

“I’m obsessed by Amy Winehouse, as is the entire world,” she said.

“She is a bona-fide rock star to me – an incredible iconic figure and I find her exciting. But I do worry that she is going to self-destruct.”

Last night, a spokeswoman for Warner Bros Records refused to comment.

Sources: The Daily Record thanks to Ilona from the forum for the information.

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