Shirley at the MTV European Music Awards

Shirley co-presented an award with Texas’ Sharleen Spiteri. Shirley appeared with a new look that left satisfied the majority of the fans! Speaking backstage they criticised organisers for not having more Scottish performers. Manson said: “It’s a pity more Scots couldn’t have come here tonight.” Sharleen added: “We are few – but we are strong.” […]

4th album title ‘Hands on a Hard Body’?

“We’re thinking of calling the new album ‘Hands on a Hard Body’ after that crazy competion they have somewhere down in Texas where locals compete to win a truck by seeing who can keep their hand on the body of the truck for the longest… …You’ve got to see it to believe it. And if […]

Garbage albums re-released via Warner

Garbage Discography reports that the Garbage albums have been re-released under their new label on January 10th 2004 on UK and all will be on East/West Warner. Reports so far say they are on East/West in Europe as well now. The USA should remain unchanged, so Interscope should continue to release the albums and therefore […]

4th album in February / March. Smart Studios accident media coverage

The music media announced the accident involving Smart Studios as if it was completely ruined. There was indeed an accident, but with no very severe damage, as we can see by the picture Shirley took Butch in front of the accident. Good thing is with this press release, a release date for the 4th album […]

New studio diaries

Shirley has been publishing new Studio Diaries at, where she mentions amongst other topics some new track names. Besides the first two that Butch revealed Rolling Stone, here are the titles known for the 4th album: – Hangin’ with the Bitches – Right Between the Eyes – My Bad Boyfriend – In My Happy […]

Best year for Garbage poll results

According to Garbage Box’s visitors, the best year for Garbage so far was: 1998 (41%), 1999 (15%), 1996 (13%), 1995 (12%), 2002 (9%), 1997 (5%), 2001 (3%) and 2000 (2%). This poll had 1500 votes. You can vote now on a new one: What’s the best album ballad?

Smart Studios smashed

Smart Studios, the recording home of the band Garbage, had a little unexpected remodeling done this morning when a backhoe crashed into the building. The accident happened at about 7:30 a.m. when the driver of the backhoe, traveling on East Washington Avenue, ran a red light at Baldwin Street and rammed a van, said Lt. […]

Fresh Garbage in the works

Garbage are halfway through recording their fourth album at drummer/producer Butch Vig’s Smart Studios in Madison, Wisconsin. The quartet hopes to complete the follow-up to 2001’s Beautiful Garbage by October and release it early next year. “It’s a lot more raw,” says Vig. “There’s been more live playing and a lot more ad-libbing going on. […]