UK: Terminator: TSCC: Virgin 1: 9pm tonight

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles debuts on Virgin 1 in the UK tonight at 9pm. You can get Virgin 1 in the UK on the following channels: * Virgin Media: 122 * Freeview: 20 * Sky: 121 Virgin also have a small feature on Shirley Manson. Thanks to Jo Kardamash for the heads up.

Shirley splits from Geffen

A couple of days ago it was noted that Shirley’s new official facebook page had that her record company was “Free at last” it would seem that she is indeed and has split from Geffen. Manson has confirmed this in her latest TV appearance. This is great news for the solo album as she should […]

Butch Vig producing new Green Day

Not sure if this is common knowledge but I’ve just found out from Shirley’s recent appearance on Last Call with Carson Daly that Butch is producing material for Green Day which sounds kind of cool to me.