October 4, 2016

This Is The Noise That Keeps Me Awake

This Is The Noise That Keeps Me Awake will be Garbage’s first and only official autobiography, written with former Rolling Stone journalist Jason Cohen.

this is the noise that keeps me awake

The coffee table book documents the history of the band from the creation through to the current day and will be released on July 4, 2017. You can pre-order the hardback edition from Amazon now, however I’d strongly suggest you wait until the official store stocks them as there could be extras included. The book will be published by Akashic.

An excerpt from the book reads:

“It was 1995, we were finishing our debut album, and I was stressed. A lot of music business people had told me it was a mistake to give up full-time music production to start a band. So I ignored them all and took a leap of faith. The simplest reason was that I just wanted to be in a band with my friends. I’d been playing with Duke and Steve for several years, and now we had a new beginning with an X factor: a Scottish singer named Shirley. She seemed like a good fit for our little club of misfits. So we all took that leap.” Drummer Butch Vig, from This Is the Noise That Keeps Me Awake

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