April 14, 2012

Record Store Day unveil artwork

Record Store Day 2012 is just 1 week away and ahead of the day the artwork for the 2 exclusive releases have been announced.

Record Store Day 2012 (US/Int)

In the USA you will be able to buy a limited edition (2,500, 1,900 of which sold in the USA) white 7-inch single. The release will be on STUNVOLUME. The track listing is:

  1. Blood For Poppies
  2. Blood For Poppies (Heads Down Here We Come – Butch Vig Remix)

Garbage will also be doing an in store signing at Waterloo Records on the day. More details of Record Store Day in the states can be found at http://www.recordstoreday.com

Record Store Day (UK)

In the UK you will be able to get a limited edition (500 copies) red 7-inch single from April 21. The release will be on STUNVOLUME/COOP. The track listing is:

  1. Battle In Me
  2. Blood For Poppies

More details on Record Store Day UK can be found at http://www.recordstoreday.co.uk

Tour Dates

Date DD/MM/YY City Tickets
31/08/18 Laois
  • Sold Out
04/09/18 Edinburgh
  • Sold Out
05/09/18 Glasgow
  • Sold Out
07/09/18 Bristol
08/09/18 Birmingham