Record Store Day 2012

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Garbage will release a white 7″ vinyl single of Blood For Poppies as part of Record Store Day 2012 which happens on April 21, 2012. You will need to locate your local independent store to track one of these down. The single will be limited to just 2500 copies worldwide, 1900 of which will be sold in the United States.

The release features the title track plus a Butch Vig remix.

  1. Blood For Poppies
  2. Blood For Poppies (Heads Down Here We Come – Butch Vig Remix) Battle In Me

Record Store Day normally limits sales to 1 release per person.

For more details on Record Store Day please check out their site.

Update, March 22, 2012: There will also be a UK version of this release which differs from the USA version.

The vinyl will be red and feature the following two tracks;

  1. Blood For Poppies
  2. Battle In Me

A complete list of UK releases can be seen on the official UK site along with your nearest store,

3 Responses

  1. Jennifer Martin says:

    Are there any of these singles coming to Australia?

  2. Rob says:

    Not sure what the distribution will be yet worldwide, I’d suggest that you contact the local retailers in Australia and find out if they will have copies of it or not.

  3. Amber says:

    This is good news! The only downside is that my local record store closed. I’ll have some traveling to do that day. But the price of gas will probably be cheaper than the price gouging that is sure to happen on Ebay.

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