December 4, 2011

Garbage in Mojo

I Hate Love has been mentioned as a new track in the latest issue of Mojo, it also suggest that there may in fact be 12 tracks on the album not 11. The article is below.

Recycling the Garbage – the tenebrous US-Pictish rockers are back.

Title: “We’re not at liberty to tell you yet”
Due: Spring 2012
Songs: “Automatic Systematic Habit”, “Blood For Poppies”, “I Hate Love”, “Control” and eight others.
The Buzz: “We didn’t care if the new material sounded like the first record, the third record, or any record, it just needed to sound authentic to who we are as a band”

Neither a falling out nor musical differences caused the six-year gap between Garbage-related activity. The blame, says singer Shirley Manson, lies with the industry. “The corporate people at our label were bummed out because our last album didn’t go in at Number 1,” she says. “I mean, isn’t Number 4 good enough?”

Not surprisingly, the pressure fostered a bad atmosphere within the band. “It was like when you’re at the Christmas table with your family and you think, I need to get out of here,” says Manson, who took acting jobs during the hiatus (and memorably played a killer cyborg disguised as a urinal on TV’s Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles). “Then you realise you sort of miss them.”

Reunion plans were laid at a memorial service attended by Manson and drummer Butch Vig – last seen promoting his newly released mix of Nirvana’s Nevermind. “It had been a weird year. I’d lost my mum, a lot of awful stuff had happened and I felt unsettled and adrift,” says Manson. “I needed to get back to what was familiar to me.”

Soon after, Vig, Manson, bassist Duke Erikson and guitarist Steve Marker had booked into a Hollywood studio for a wine-fueled week of recording, which yielded four new songs. Another 20 were penned by March 2011, when they moved to a basement studio in LA’s Atwater Village. “We all had to squish on the sofa because it’s such a small place,” says Manson. “It forced everyone to engage with what was happening.”

Neither Vig nor Manson can offer much of a description of the album’s sound beyond saying it sounds like Garbage. “If you take the sensibilites of the four of us, put it in a blender and pour it out, it somehow always sounds like us,” says Vig. “But the songs are noisy, the hooks are strong, and we’re sounding more energetic than ever.”

Titles such as I Hate Love suggest their dark sensibility is intact too. With the album set for a Spring 2012 release and live dates planned for the summer, Garbage are confident about their return. “I think there is a void out there for a band like us,” says Vig. “There still aren’t many powerful women in music”. There are however, fewer of the corporate types who crossed Manson last time around. “The industry has been completely demolished since then,” she cackles. “None of them have a job anymore!”

Source: Paul AKA heartmightmelt

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