March 6, 2006

David Arnold works with Shirley

David ArnoldThe official David Arnold website is reporting that he has just finished working on a Project with Shirley Manson. In News dated March 1, 2006 it reads;

“David has just completed writing and producing with Shirley Manson, lead singer of Garbage, for her new upcoming project.”

David and Garbage worked together in 1999 when the band released The World is not Enough which was produced by Arnold. This would be the first new material that Shirley has been involved with since the bands “Hiatus”.

In older news on his official site it states in December that he has “song writing sessions booked in the near future with Natasha Bedingfield and Shirley Manson” (not together we hope and assume).

Is this the start of a new Solo project? Keep checking Garbage Disco Box as this very exciting news story unfolds.

Thanks to Tom Barrow for bringing this to our attention.

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