March 9, 2006

David Arnold on his work with Shirley

David ArnoldWe’ve posted the following message on David Arnold’s official forum when the news broke:

Hi David,
Could you let me know any more details of the work you have recently done with Shirley Manson?

And we got the following reply:
Hello Rob
So far, its only been writing and recording a song. It was something that weve been meaning to do together since we did TWINE, and its only now that our schedules lined up. There has been no decision made about what will happen with the work, but thats not the point of doing these things.

Tour Dates

Date DD/MM/YY City Tickets
02/06/20 Ridgefield (WA)
03/06/20 Auburn (WA)
05/06/20 Concord (CA)
07/06/20 Salt Lake City (UT)
09/06/20 Los Angeles, CA