Daily Download Day 18: Video: Call Me

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bscap00004.jpgNear the end of the beautifulgarbage tour, Garbage joined No Doubt and The Distillers on stage to perform Blondie’s “Call Me” as a closer for the No Doubt set on their joint-headline arena tour, on November 23rd 2002 (Long Beach Arena, Long Beach, CA, USA).
This song was performed by the 3 bands on stage at the same time, and sung by the 3 female lead singers.

Link: No Doubt, Garbage & The Distrillers – Call Me - 57MB

PS: amateur recording – link from youtube.com

REQUEST: Did anybody catch BBC2 last night in the UK. Butch Vig was on Classic Albums. If you recorded Classic Albums: Nirvana: Nevermind and can provide Garbage Disco Box with a decent downloadable version please get in touch.

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  1. shirley-soul says:

    Thanks, never seen it before

  2. IRHUADD says:

    Was it really on November 23rd??? garbagebase has this on November 29th…

  3. Tiago Palma says:

    yeah, I also compared with garbagebase.com, but the video, in the beggining says the date where this was recorded, and it says 23.. maybe someone has more info on this?

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