April 26, 2005

Fans Comment: Garbage punks fans at the 9:30 Club

Garbage had the last laugh as they exited stage right prior to their April 21st encore at the 9:30 Club in Washington, DC.
The band had breezed through a particularly stellar set and treated fans to an encore of Metal Heart and Cherry Lips when, at the end of Sex Is Not the Enemy, Shirley Manson decided to treat the fans to a little peepshow as she coyly tore down the front of her dress to reveal a flesh-colored bra.

Within seconds, “police officers” were onstage hauling a horrified-looking Shirley offstage, announcing “the show is over”, as Steve and Duke followed in disbelief and Butch disgustedly threw down his drumsticks and tore backstage. The crowd was in an absolute state of shock; comments were overheard such as “this is BULLSHIT”; “I am never coming to this club again”; “we will hunt those cops down and give them what they deserve”; “let’s RIOT this club”. Riots almost did ensue, in fact, until the initial shock wore off for some and speculation began that it could have been a simple stunt, a clever new way to end the set, a political statement of sorts relating to the song which was certainly appropriate, particularly being in the nation’s capital.
It wasn’t entirely confirmed until hours later, outside of the venue, when I learned from the roadies who played the parts of the “DC police officers”- after being grilled about the incident, asked whether or not I thought it was real- that it was indeed staged for the upcoming Sex Is Not the Enemy music video, which Garbage had filmed much of the previous night in NYC. The “flashing incident” and the subsequent “arrest” was pulled off flawlessly and will indeed make the cut, as well as the fans’ raging reactions to the scene. However, the show’s finale has caused quite a stir in the Garbage community, as fans are still stunned and some are disappointed that we were left hanging; but the overall consensus is- GOOD ONE, Garbage.
by Lauren Anderson

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