January 6, 2003

Duke “Rock and Roll Experience” interview

news0225.thumbnail.jpg“Rock n Roll Experience” recently inteview Duke about the new album and other subjects. You can read the whole interview here. Here are some bits of the interview:
Rock N Roll Experience (Q): Will there be a Live CD or DVD from Garbage any time soon?
Duke: No, no time soon, we really wanted to do a compilation of our B-sides that have been released over the years as singles in Europe & we were talking pretty seriously about trying to do that before the end of the year but I don’t know, I think we’ve kind of come to grips with the fact that we need to put out one more record before we start putting stuff like that out.
Q: Have you started demoing new material yet?
Duke: Yeah, I was just listening to some stuff just before you called actually that we had worked on back in Madison. We had some time off & we took about 6 days & just set up our instruments & started playing, just sitting around in a circle & improvising & I was just listening to the tapes from that & 2 or 3 things I am kind of excited about so it has begun.
Q: Can you describe the new songs?
Duke: There’s a little bit of everything on it, there’s one that’s just this kind of repetitive groove thing that Shirley just started singing over, it’s kind of changing things, what she is saying in the song is progressing, it’s too early to say what the record is gonna sound like anyway, I could tell you one thing & it would change in 2 months
Q: Can you take me through the songwriting process for Garbage?
Duke: On the last few records…the last record was very different than the first 2 records, the first 2 records were wrote in a fractured process, somebody would come up with something & then record it, then somebody would put something on top of that, there’s no one particular formula, Beautiful Garbage was a bit more of us just improvising, (…) but I think the way we’ve been working towards our fourth record I think is gonna be kind of a departure from how we worked in the past, or I hope it is anyways. I just think we’re…we just sat stuff up in a room & we started playing & things started coming out of that & I think we’re gonna try to be a bit more…work a bit faster this time, we’re not gonna belabor things so much, try to keep things more simple & to the point
Q: Will Daniel be playing bass on the new record?
Duke: Most likely, it depends, I mean Daniels’ got his own thing, I hope he does. He does play with other bands & he writes songs & he has a little studio at home…he’s got things going on his own that have nothing to do with Garbage, so he may just decide to pursue that, but that is a long time away before he’ll be required on the record, we’re gonna try to write alot of songs first & that’s gonna take a few months
Q: So will the next Garbage record be out in 2003?
Duke: Yeah, that’s kind of what we’d like to happen, but we’ve said that every record so far, we’ve said that before every record
(source: Rock N Roll Experience / evilove)

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