September 12, 2002

West London Deep sample Shirley Manson

news01801.thumbnail.jpgInfo from beautifulgarbage – the GARBAGE Fan Site:
Burn It Blue reports that Shirley has changed her mind on letting the band West London Deep use her sampled voice in their forthcoming release:
’West London Deep has had to go back a couple of steps with regard to the single release of ‘You’re Taking Me Over’. The track, which has been around for more than eight months, originally included a sample from rock stars Garbage and will now have to be reworked with a new vocal track following a last-minute change of heart from Garbage singer Shirley Manson. Remixes have already been planned with Problem Kids, Inner City and Desyn Masiello & Leon Roberts all lined up for knob twiddling duties. Future Groove has not given us a date for the new version release, so in the meantime you’ll have to scout around for the King Unique bootleg or one of the test pressings’

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